Mentor - Devops Engineer

Jay Lee

After graduating from Northeastern University Computer Science program, Jay decided to move back to Taiwan to start his engineering career. He joined a startup company that gave him exposure to AWS and DevOps. From individual contributor to DevOps lead, Jay enjoys talking with others about DevOps trends and future, and loves to share his experience with anyone who is looking into opportunities in DevOps.

Contact Jay if you want to learn more about:

  • Life as a engineer in Taiwan
  • How to find your first job overseas
  • What is it like working for a Japanese company
  • What does DevOps engineer do

Popular topics

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Startup vs. big tech companies
  • Interviewing at Taiwanese companies
  • Interviewing at Japanese companies


  • DevOps工程師
    Rakuten 楽天株式会社, 1 year

  • Sr. Full Stack Engineer
    Trendmicro 趨勢科技, 0.2 year

  • Lead DevOps工程師
    AMPOS Solution Inc., 3 year


  • Northeastern University (波士頓東北大學), 電腦科學(資訊工程) / 資訊科學

More about me

    Software development

    Cloud infrastructure

    Project management

    Cross country team operations

NT$ 900 / 50 minutes

Mentoring style
I love a good challenge, and enjoy the satisfaction solving a difficult problem. Whether it is to chitchat, or answer specific questions, I hope by sharing my experience and answering your question can help you become a good problem solver.

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