Mentor - Senior Product Designer

Elsie Huang

Can you believe it? Elsie actually studied nutrition in college. However, she later found her passion in design. To pursue her dream, Elsie went to design school in the US. Started as a freelancer, now a happy full time UX designer at a startup.

If you are thinking about:

  • Transition into product design
  • Debating about going to a graduate school overseas to pursue a very different career track
  • Debating between freelancing vs. traditional full time job

Popular topics

  • Breaking into design
  • Basic skills required to become a designer
  • Freelancer vs full time employee
  • How to find the first case


  • 資深產品設計師
    AMPOS, 1 year

    設計多國使用的數位產品. 包括網站和手機app.

  • 產品設計師(接案)
    RealtyShares, 0.8 year

    以接案的形式 和在舊金山的新創團隊合作開發設計網站


  • CSU East Bay, Multimedia (M.S)

More about me

    Skills or traits

    User experience design, user behavior study, communication, time management

    Work-life balance

    Whether as a freelancer or a full time employee, if you know how to manage your time efficiently, no need to stay late still deliver results teams want

    Who is suitable for this job?

    Critical thinking, observation to detalis, desire to make the world a better place

NT$ 900 / 50 minutes

Mentoring style
chitchat, casual conversations like among friends

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