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Lily Feng

Lily has a very unique blend of consumer and enterprise SaaS product management experience. She has also worked for successful tech companies both in their American headquarters and Asia offices. If you ever wonder what it is like working for pre-IPO and public tech companies in either region, feel free to reach out to Lily.

Topics that Lily can cover:

  • How to become a product manager
  • How to raise from product management to lead a whole product team including engineering
  • Is MBA worth it
  • Should I move back to Asia, especially if I work in tech
  • What is like to be a female entrepreneur
  • Or just chat about startup life and be an accountability partner

Popular topics

  • Product management
  • Product marketing
  • Product leadership
  • American tech companies in China
  • MBA in TechM


  • CEO of Mentu

  • B2C 平台(Expedia, Yahoo!) Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager

  • SaaS enterprise (NetSuite, Veeva) Product Manager

  • Startup Head of Product


  • Harvard Business School, MBA
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Information Systems Management (M.S)
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Information Systems (B.S)

More about me

    NT$ 2000 / 50 minutes

    Mentoring style

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