Mentor - Translator

Emily Huang

Emily fell in love with Spain while traveling there for vacation and decided to give up everything at home to move to Spain. Hear about how she successfully transitioned her career from a full time product manager to a freelancer.

Book Emily’s time if you would like to have her share the following:

  • How she got into product management from Sales and Marketing
  • How she landed her freelancing work leveraging her product management expertise
  • How she packed up everything and moved to Spain
  • How she is enjoying life in Spain

Popular topics

  • What does translators do
  • How to secure your first case as a freelancer
  • What is it like to work remotely


  • 技術文件寫作 | Technical Writer
    AMPOS Solutions, 2 year


  • 產品經理 | Product Manager
    Qihoo 360, 2 year

    • 創建和管理Saas產品的戰略規劃與戰術活動
    • 設計產品規格,業務流程和實體模型
    • 與行銷團隊一起發起產品營銷活動,以零營銷成本實現有機增長
    • 監控和分析產品/用戶數據,以提高用戶參與度
    • 與所有部門合作, 制定上市計劃

  • 行銷&業務助理
    Cile Academia, 0.5 year



  • University at Buffalo School of Management, the State University of New York, Management Information System (M.S)

More about me

    Skills or traits

    Language skills, ability to learn, logical thinking, empathy, communication, project management

    Work-life balance

    Flexible working hours, flexible working locations, connectivity is key, communication skills over email and video conferences are critical

NT$ 1000 / 50 minutes

Mentoring style
Case/story based sharing

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