Become a mentor, earn extra income

Monetize your experience

Three advantange of being a mentor

Name your own price

Set your own price

Set your own time

Choose your own time

Earn extra income

Mentu helps you to build your personal brand, and provide you a platform to give back to your community

What does a mentor do

  • Received a booking

    Mentu will notify you when someone books your time
  • Get to know your mentee

    You will receive basic mentee informaiton, including background, experience, and topics to be covered in the session.
  • Prepare

    Please review mentee information, and prepare for the session
  • Begin 1 on 1 session

    Every session is 50 minutes, please be open to share relelvant your personal experience to help guide mentee

How to become a mentor


Build your mentor profile

Start by buidling your mentor profile. If you need any assistance, please cshedule a 15-minute session with Mentu customer support team

Mentu will review and approve your application

Mentu will email you once your application is reviewed and approved

Start your mentor journey

Once your profile is updated on our site, you can start to help others.

What is Mentu

Mentu believes in value of experience. Instead of finding your way through trial and error, why not talk to someone who has already be there and done that? Learn from the experienced, save your time, and incease your chances for success! Help others, and monetize on your experiences.

Mentu helps you to find answers

Who can be a mentor?

Everyone can be a mentor. Everyone's experience is worth sharing and can help others. Our mentors should have the following qualities: 1. Believe in the value of experience. 2. Be empatheic. 3. Want to help others.

How to make money as a mentor?

Mentor sets per session price, and Mentu takes 30% of each session revenue. To ensure service quality, Mentu will ask mentee to provide a rating score for the session at the end of each session: - If mentor receives a five star rating, Mentu will lower our service charge by 25%. - If mentor receives one star, Mentu will increase service charge by 35% to help understand the complaint and provide feedback for improvement. If you disagree with the rating score, please contact

How to calculate my earnings?

Please provide your personal banking information. Mentu will calculate your monthly earnings, and wire your earnings to your bank account.

What happens if I cannot help the mentee?

If you don't believe you can help the mentee, please contact, and our team will coordinate the cancelation of the booking.

What happens if I need to change the reservation last mintue?

Contact, and our team will assist you to reschedule your booking.

Become a mentor!

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