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Lily Feng

前Yahoo!和Expedia產品經理。 曾任職於兩家Enterprise SaaS “獨角獸”公司, NetSuite和Veeva. 從Expedia 最年輕的產品經理到Harvard MBA到如今建立Mentu。

如果Lily的這些經驗對你有幫助, 可以找她聊聊:

  • 產品經理是做什麼的
  • 產品經理發展路線長什麼樣子
  • 為什麼每家公司對產品經理的要求都不一樣
  • MBA值得嗎
  • 回亞洲發展適合我嗎
  • 放棄高薪創業需要知道什麼
  • 什麼時間出來創業才是最好的


  • 產品管理
  • SaaS enterprise
  • 團隊管理
  • 美國和亞洲科技公司比對
  • Scrum
  • 產品經理
  • 產品開發
  • MBA申請


  • CEO
    Mentu, 1年

    From customer support to product design to social media marketing, being a startup CEO is about learning anything and everything that can turn your idea into reality.

  • Head of Product
    AMPOS, 2年

    Lead the product development team including product management, design and engineering to develop the AMPOS application using Flutter, native iOS, Android, React, and AWS. Invited by AWS Asia team to present how AMPOS managed to build our product using AWS services at AWS customer conference. Run the new product innovation initiatives to explore using machine learning to develop new talent analytics solution.

  • Principal Product Manager
    Veeva, 5年

    Oversee Veeva Vault product strategy and roadmap for greater Asia Pacific region including China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia. Drove product direction, evolution and adoption of Vault PromoMats and MedComms application, leading content management solution for life science industry globally.

  • Product Marketing Manager
    Yahoo!, 1年

    Drafted go-to-market plan to introduce new entertainment products, led a task force of cross functional team leads and re-energized a key local product, and served as Asia Pacific region liaison for a global lifestyle product.


  • Harvard Business School, MBA





    壓力一般都是自己給的。不相信沒有壓力的生活, 重點是學會如何跟壓力共處。





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